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Hard-Reboot Virtual Machine


Initiates a hard reboot for a virtual machine, simulating the process of unplugging and rebooting a physical machine. Provide the virtual machine ID in the path to execute a hard reboot for the specified virtual machine.

Path parameters

id integer   Required

The unique identifier of the virtual machine to be rebooted.


status boolean

Indicates the result of the request to reboot the VM. true signifies success, while false indicates an error.

message string

A description of the status of the request to reboot the VM.

Example request
curl -X GET "{id}/hard-reboot" \
-H "accept: application/json"\
-H "api_key: YOUR API KEY"
"status": true,
"message": "string"


Returns the status of the request to hard-reboot the virtual machine. A true status indicates success, otherwise an error has occurred.

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