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A region represents a distinct geographic location housing a data center. Regions provide the flexibility to host your resources in various global locations. Each region is intentionally isolated from others, enhancing redundancy and stability. Within a region, you can establish environments to effectively organize your resources.

Retrieve a list of available regions


Calling this endpoint will retrieve a list of available regions.


No parameters.


This response indicates that the retrieval of the list of regions has been successful. The regions "NORWAY-1" and "CANADA-1" were returned the response.

If there are multiple regions within a country, and they have different unique identifiers, e.g., "NORWAY-1" and "NORWAY-2", these are physically separate regions, that may be in the same data center or in different data centers within Norway.

Attributes of the Regions object

status boolean

Indicates the success or failure of the operation. In this case, it is set to true, indicating that the regions have been retrieved successfully.

message string

A message confirming the successful retrieval of regions.

regions array

An array containing information about the available regions.

Show child attributes
description string

Description of the region.

id integer

Unique identifier for the region.

name string

The name of the region e.g. "NORWAY-1", which includes the country name, "NORWAY", and the unique identifier, "1".

Example request
curl -X GET "" \
-H "accept: application/json"\
-H "api_key: YOUR API KEY"
Status 200 - Getting regions successful.
"status": true,
"message": "Getting regions successful.",
"regions": [
"description": null,
"id": 1,
"name": "NORWAY-1"
"description": null,
"id": 2,
"name": "CANADA-1"

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