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Infrahub Documentation

Learn how to create and manage powerful GPU virtual machines and associated resources using Infrahub API and Hyperstack. Explore documentation, example code, tutorials, and more.

📖 Getting Started Guide

Our Getting Started guide will walk you through the process of gaining access to the API and launching your first virtual machine in less than 5 minutes.


About Infrahub

Welcome to Infrahub, the advanced GPU cloud computing solution brought to you by NexGen Cloud. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of GPU computing, empowering businesses like yours with the computing resources you need to thrive. Infrahub provides you with access to high-performance Nvidia GPUs, delivering unparalleled speed and performance at affordable prices.

We understand the challenges that modern enterprises face – from budget constraints to the need for transparency and decentralized services. Whether you're working with AI, machine learning, rendering, or any other compute-demanding workloads, our set of APIs equips you with powerful tools to accomplish your goals.

This documentation hub serves as your complete guide to unlocking the capabilities of Infrahub. We're committed to helping you reach your objectives with our cutting-edge GPU computing solutions.

Base URL for Infrahub API

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About Hyperstack

The Hyperstack platform is an advanced GPU cloud computing solution that provides access to high-performance Nvidia GPUs, ideal for artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), and graphics workloads. Hyperstack virtual machines offer exceptional speed and performance at cost-effective rates. Designed for user-friendly operation, the Hyperstack platform simplifies the creation and management of GPU virtual machines and related resources.

  • For instructions on getting started with Hyperstack, click here.


If you need assistance or encounter any issues, our support team is here to help. Contact us at [email protected]. We're dedicated to ensuring your success with Infrahub.

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